Bicentennial School

Update on junior high lunchtime procedures

Students in Junior High, who choose to stay for lunch will be supervised from 12:00-12:25 to eat their lunch and then from 12:25-12:55 outside in designated areas to preserve the integrity of class cohorts. Please note that during the lunch hour, the Dartmouth Commons is not a supervised area for Jr. High students. Families who have given their students permission to leave school property are reminded that students are not able to return to school property until the end of the lunch period.
We are calling on families to please review these points with your children.
• Practice physical distancing when outside
• Avoid large gatherings
• Wear a non-medical mask when you can’t physically distance
These three things keep our children safe. These three things reduce risk for us all.  We are writing to ask for your help to reinforce your expectation with your teenagers, especially when they are out of school at lunchtime. Your help is important and it will make a positive impact. Taking a few minutes to remind our teenagers that they have an important role to play in keeping our communities and schools safe will go a long way.  Please have that chat, sharing your expectations.