Bicentennial School

Recess and Lunch

Recess for students in grades primary to grade 6 is going to look different this year. We will have our recesses staggered throughout the day and each class will be designated a specific area.
Due to the fact that public health is recommending that students be outside as much as possible, we hope to have our P-6 classes outside multiple times throughout the day. Times will be determined by each teacher.
Junior High classes will also have opportunities to be outside. All times will be supervised by staff members.
Our lunch break will continue to be held from 12:00-12:55 for students in grades primary-9. Students in Elementary be separated into 2 shifts to minimize the number of students outside at one time. Students in grades primary-six will be eating their lunches in their classrooms supervised by lunch monitors and/or school staff.  All students will have an opportunity on a staggered basis to go outside.
Students in Junior high will also eat their lunch with their classes in an alternate space to allow for social distancing between classes. If students have parental consent to leave school property after the eating period, we ask that they remain off school property until the lunch period is over. This is required in order for us to maintain the integrity of class cohorts and maximize supervision for the students who choose to stay on school property.
If parents are interested of if you know of a community member or university student who may be interested in being a paid lunch monitor at Bicentennial school please contact Ms. Shea at 902-464-2094 or