Bicentennial School

Procedures for student and staff safety while at school

We recognize that we all have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our children and staff.  Families are being asked to screen your children each morning for school readiness. This includes ensuring your children do not present with any symptoms. You must review the daily COVID-19 Checklist (screening tool) which is attached.  If your child displays any of the symptoms, they must stay home and parents must contact 811 in order to be screened for testing for Covid-19. 

Students will need to sanitize their hands at every threshold once in the building. This includes entrance and exit points as well as any spaces they enter (classrooms, washrooms etc.) This will be explicitly taught by teachers and practised while students are at school.There will be signage and decals placed throughout the school as reminders to staff and students about social distancing and hygiene. These signs may also indicate directionality for travel (similar to arrows in the grocery store). Teachers and staff will spend time teaching students how to interpret and follow these guidelines.

Every student and staff member will be given 2 cloth masks on the first day of school. We are asking families to please label the masks so that students are able to identify theirs. Students will be expected to wear masks in all common areas of the building and when travelling within the school (ie, hallways, washroom, entering and exiting the building). Students in grades 4-9 will also be required to wear their masks in class when social distancing (6 feet) cannot be achieved.

Students will remain in their assigned classroom for most of the day. Staff such as specialists teachers and Jr. high teachers will travel to the classroom to provide instruction as to minimize the amount of traffic in the hallways.